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Trailer Tires

Install New Trailer Tires in Tulsa, OK as Recommended for Safe & Dependable Performance

Most trailer tire manufacturers recommended replacing specialty trailer tires every 3 to 5 years, regardless of use. This is because trailer tire strength decreases over time whether the tires are stored or in use. In fact, ST tires that are in use frequently tend to last longer than stored tires. This is because trailer tires release a lubricant while rolling that keeps them in prime condition longer. 

If it's time for replacement tires, head over to Four Star Tire. We're  a one-stop tire shop serving Tulsa, OK, Sand Springs, OK, Sapulpa, OK, and surrounding areas. Our inventory includes a wide selection of specialty trailer tires from favorite brands like Thunderer, Mastertrack, Goodyear Marathon, and more. Choose from a wide variety of trailer tires built to meet your load capacity requirements for safe and reliable performance. 

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Trailer Tires in Tulsa, OK

Trailer Tires vs Passenger Tires

Trailer tires aren't designed like passenger tires for a car or light truck. This is due to the role each type of tire plays; it's also the reason tire manufacturers recommend you use ST-type tires on trailers.

Passenger Tires: Designed with traction in mind, so you can turn and stop. These tires also feature flexible sidewalls that play a role in ride comfort.

Trailer Tires: Designed to follow a vehicle; these tires have stiff sidewalls to prevent sway; trailer or ST tires also feature higher load capacity ratings compared to passenger tires since they are manufactured to carry a heavier amount of weight.

Our trailer tire inventory includes options for utility trailers, boat trailers, horse trailers, camper trailers, travel trailers, and RV trailers.

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If it's time to shop trailer tires, visit Four Star Tire during business hours. We have a wide selection of tires for trailers in stock now. Our staff is available to help if you have any questions.

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